A PERFECT FIT BY ZOE LEE – Review by Michelle Mulvey

A Perfect FitA Perfect Fit by Zoe Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A perfect fit was such a good read for me. Daisy Rhys and Dunk McCoy ran into each other at a friends wedding and had an amazing night together. Dunk was so drunk that he thought it was the best dream he ever had until his friends told him otherwise. Now he is desperate to find his Cinderella.
When Dunk finally figures out who it is, he tries to be romantic and takes Daisy out on a date. Dunk is the hot, adorable, sweet guy in town that everyone knows and everyone loves. Daisy is the sweet innocent girl who got married and divorced at a young age. Dunk is known for his time spent with the ladies. Can Dunk show Daisy he really enjoys spending time with her or will it be over before it begins.
The chemistry between Dunk and Daisy is great. They have an awesome time together but, when Dunk realizes he is really into her and decides she doesn’t have enough time for him, will he be willing to take the time she offers or will he become needy and cranky and do something drastic? Luckily a mutual friend Chase is there to step in and help fate run its course!
I thought this book was a great read. I loved the book from the very beginning.

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