Claimed (The Torzial Affair Book 3) by Via Mari – Review by Moriah Venable

CLAIMED (The Torzial Affair Book 3)CLAIMED by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claimed is the third novel in the Torzial Affair series by Via Mari. This is my third novel by this author.

Jenny has gone through a lot and has come out on top but someone is still after her and its time to finally find out who is after her so she can finally live a peaceful life.

Her relationship with Brian has changed from sexually to them finally admitting their feelings to each other. Brian opening up his heart and showing Jenny the world she had always been curious about, but with danger lurking around every corner, who is really loyal to who?

This was another fast paced novel where I wasn’t sure what was going on and there was so many twists and turns and people in danger and mafia kidnappings, that I had to reread some parts.

This series surprised in some many ways and I am glad that I gave it a try.

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