SAN DIEGO DEAD (Jake Wolfe Series Book 4) by Mark Nolan – Review by Erica Fish

San Diego Dead (Jake Wolfe #4)San Diego Dead by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

San Diego Dead is the fourth book in the Jake Wolfe series by Mark Nolan. Mark Nolan does an amazing job in that you can read these books as stand alone stories. Nolan’s characters are lovable and believable just like they were in the “real world”. Nolan has a way of grabbing my attention at the first page and holds my attention until the end. This story kept me on the edge of my seat and even caused me to scream out loud to warn what is coming up. The main characters Jake and his dog Cody have come into some sticky situations and in this story there is no difference. Jake and Cody are on vacation, at least they thought they were on vacation. There just happens to be a drug cartel with a deadly package that needs to be found. Jake and Cody are on the case and we will see who gets to the package first. Will Jake and Cody find the package before the drug cartel? Will the drug cartel get the package first which will cause some deaths? Stay tune and read San Diego Dead to find out which party finds the deadly package.

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