The Bad Twin by Avery Scott – Review by Michelle King

The Bad TwinThe Bad Twin by Avery Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Abby and Gabrielle Levesque are identical twins….in looks only! In personality, not so much! Abby is level headed, responsible, always taking care of herself and her sister. She makes sure all the bills are paid and that they somehow keep a roof over their head. The twins inherited their grandmother’s house after she passed and it’s become difficult to keep up on payments and keep the utilities on. It’s especially difficult when her sister is so irresponsible. She’s out with a different guy every night, can’t hold a job, and never remembers to pay bills when she’s supposed to. When she blows off yet another job, the consequence is a case of mistaken identity and a spur of the moment trip to Paris by Abby with Gabrielle’s boss!

Hudson Quinn is Gabrielle’s super-hot, super aggravating, billionaire boss. He has no idea he has grabbed the wrong sister and taken her to Paris as his personal assistant. If he finds out the truth, will he fire “Abby”? What will come of the twins and Abby’s ever increasing feelings for Gabrielle’s boss? This is a great story of mistaken identity. It brings the questions “what are you willing to do for money” and “what are you willing to do to save your childhood memories” to light. I loved this story and the characters and settings depicted throughout. I am looking forward to more of Avery Scott’s works!

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