Battling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother Romance by T. Christensen – Review by Angela Hayes

Battling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother RomanceBattling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother Romance by T. Christensen
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Battling Beckett: A Contemporary Stepbrother Romance by T. Christensen is, as the title would suggest, a stepbrother romance- with an ‘enemy to lover’ aspect to the story. This new adult story made for some really great reading. It has plenty of drama, angst, friendships, high school politics, and emotions- with just enough danger and mystery to keep things interesting.
Greer’s whole life gets turned upside down when she and her mother move into her (prospective) new stepfather’s mansion. Things should have been the beginning of a new phase of her life, with exciting opportunities to look forward to. But, her new stepbrother, as well as the mean girl brigade at her new high school- have made her life miserable. To add salt to her wounds, she seems to be developing feelings for her tormentor. But when danger threatens her safety, will he step up and keep her safe- or use the opportunity to rid her from his life?
I really didn’t like Beckett for the first part of this book, because he was such an arrogant jerk- but, as the story progressed he slowly redeemed himself in my eyes. I really liked Greer, but her low self esteem really frustrated me at times- but I was invested in the characters and the outcome of the story. The whole cast of characters were really well developed- crafted into fully realised and complex individuals with their own unique personalities, quirks and flaws. They all added to the overall feel, flow, and development of the storyline.
There were a few minor issues (Amazon Kindle edition) such as a few typos- wrong words being missed in the editing process- for example: council instead of console, to instead of too, tooth instead of took, were instead of wear. And there were parts of the story where it seemed to slip from third person to first person perspective, and back again. Again, these were fairly minor issues, and didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the book- they were just a little distracting, because when I came across one it pulled me out of this otherwise captivating story.
The suspense, intrigue, tension, and chemistry were really well done- keeping me flipping the pages to discover how everything would play out. A testament to Ms. Christensen’s writing talents!
I wonder what Ms. Christensen has in store for us next?

Thank you, Ms. Christensen!


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