The Fisher Men On the X (Fisher Men Book III) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey – Review by Michelle King

Fisher Men On the X (Book III)Fisher Men On the X by Rebel Nicks O’Dey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the series and is probably my favorite so far! It was definitely the most emotional! I found myself just a bit weepy more times than I can count while reading this one! I have decided I want to be a Fisher Man! You will need to immerse yourself in this series to understand what I’m talking about, but this series revolves around a family whose members escaped a cult like religion known as the Seh. While the things that happen are unrealistic to me, I can’t help but feel for these women and wonder if these types of things truly go on and what I can do to help if they do. This book in the series in the most powerful as both the main characters, Zach and Becca, have a history with the Seh. Seeing the struggle of these people trying to overcome their pasts to become what they are meant to be is both heart wrenching and beautiful.

Each book in this series says it is a standalone, but I do not recommend reading them as such. You really need to start with book one or you will be missing a lot of information that you really need to understand what is going on in the following books. Trust me, it is worth the time! This has been an incredible journey to follow! I have so much respect for these characters and for the author who wrote them. I can’t imagine it was always easy. Don’t worry though! It’s not always emotional…this book had me laughing out loud so much! I am giving this a full five stars and can’t wait for the next book! We get a key piece of info at the end of this story that I am looking forward to exploring in Morgan’s book!

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