Diamonds & Deception (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 3) by Ellen Butler – Review by Erin Wolf

Diamonds & Deception (Karina Cardinal Mystery, #3)Diamonds & Deception by Ellen Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Diamonds & Deception (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 3) by Ellen Butler, 5 stars.

This is one of those series where I forget just how good it is until I pick up the next book. I absolutely love Karina. She is fun, quirky, real, has a big heart and so likeable. I would love to have her as a best friend. This time, she tries to stay out of things but gets pulled in by her sister. You can’t say no family. But she has learned from her past experiences. She asks for help from the guys at Silverthone Security. These guys are great too, I would love to see more about each of them — maybe a book dedicated to them? Karina, her sister, and the security guys try to get to the bottom of things to find who is really guilty and just what is really going on.

Besides the characters, the story itself is so compelling. It begins when Katrina’s sister Jillian attends a fashion show with her coworker. The night ends abruptly when the coworker is accused of stealing diamonds and arrested. Now they have to figure out if she is guilty, not to mention prove it. This would be enough for some mystery/suspense books. But wait, there’s more! They later discover something even more sinister is going on and find themselves thrown right into it. There were a few times I thought the book may soon be over, only to realize there was much more to go. The the author switching gears on us and leading us in a different direction is done so smoothly and so effectively it kept me from putting the book down.

I highly recommend this series and book to those who like real, strong female characters in their whodunnit/suspense books.

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