Found in the Lost (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)(The Leonidas Corporation Book 1) by Tarina Deaton – Review by Angela Hayes

Found in the Lost (Special Forces: Operation Alpha / The Leonidas Corporation Book 1)Found in the Lost by Tarina Deaton
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This book is a perfect example of why and how I fell in love with Ms. Deaton’s writing- and why she is one of my ‘one-click, no questions asked’ authors. Then I discover the story has an archaeological theme, with a treasure hunt- AND special forces operatives- and I was one very happy camper!!!!
Found in the Lost is the first book in The Leonidas Corporation series by Tarina Deaton. It is the start of a new series and if this first book is anything to go by, the series is set to be fantastic. This is also a cross-over into the Special Forces: Operation Alpha series by Susan Stoker. I will definitely be going to check those books out now, too.
Found in the Lost has so much going on in it- in a really superb way. With all the action, adventure, archaeological elements, Mayan ruins, treasure hunting, bandits, suspense, drama, intrigue, trekking through the Guatemalan jungles, betrayal, romance… and so much more that I am having trouble conveying how great this story really is. It would make a fantastic movie- along the lines of Indiana Jones, but with a female archaeologist. It has the feel of Tomb Raider x Indiana Jones x Romancing the Stone- but with its own unique spin and identity- and Ms. Deaton’s wonderful wordsmithing skills which brought everything to life right before my eyes. I was ‘watching’ the story unfold- rather than merely reading it. I was swept up into all the adventure as it unfolded- and I loved every minute. There is also a flirty, fun feel to the story- which balances all the action, danger, and emotive elements so wonderfully well.
I loved everything about this book!! I was all in, enthralled right from the beginning- up until the end of the very last page. I loved the friendly banter, camaraderie and bonds that the characters have- especially Shane and his friends and team. The humour that Ms Deaton was able to infuse into the story had me smiling so hard at times, that my cheeks hurt. There was also some edge of my seat, heart in my mouth moments, where I was caught in a page flipping frenzy, reading along with all the dramatic, tense, and emotive developments- desperately needing to know how everything played out. That’s how invested I was in the characters and their story. I couldn’t put the book down- and read it in one sitting.
So, if you like a suspenseful romantic adventure with some wonderful characters- that’s completely captivating and totally unforgettable. Then this is definitely the book for you.

Thank you, Ms. Deaton!


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