Pigs by Daniel James

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Pigs by Daniel James
Genre – Crime/Thriller
Page Count – 222 pages
Publishing Company – Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Isaac Reid, a former professional thief, has just finished a ten-year stint in prison for a botched job turned bloodbath. Now all he wants is to go straight and make amends with his wife and young son. On his first night of freedom his loved ones are brutally slain by a bitter enemy. Surviving the encounter, Isaac struggles with his choices: do right by his late family’s wishes and abide by the law, or seek vengeance. But he’ll need to decide quickly, as another mysterious force from his past is now in play: a cold killer wearing a wolf mask, leading a band of pig-masked assassins. To Isaac, these men are strangers, but they’re prepared to kill any who get between them and him.


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Daniel James is an author of horror, fantasy and fast-paced thrillers. He first began writing as a hobby whilst completing his dissertation on the differing physiological, biochemical and performance effects between active and passive recovery modes following bouts of intensive exercise (I know, I found it boring too) at Liverpool Hope University. Pigs is his debut crime-thriller. When not writing, he loves reading genre fiction novels, watching movies, comic books, listening to music (he used to play bass in local rock bands), and he also used to enjoy kickboxing and jiujitsu before growing tired of getting beaten up three days a week.





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