SAN DIEGO DEAD (Jake Wolfe Series Book 4) by Mark Nolan – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

San Diego Dead (Jake Wolfe #4)San Diego Dead by Mark Nolan
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San Diego Dead is the 4th book in the Jack Wolfe series by Mark Nolan. It continues the story of Jake Wolfe, and his retired war dog, Cody. These books are always action packed, and you never know what will happen next. In this story, Jake is trying to take a break from his job as a government hired assassin. But no surprise, he gets roped back in. His skills are just too sought after, and he finds it hard not to take the job, having personal stake in it. However, his job once again puts his relationship on the line. Will Sarah continue to stand by, even when it puts her life at risk over and over? Read the book and find out. While you could probably enjoy this book as a stand alone, or the first you read, I recommend you go back and read the other books. It will give you the full story, and lets face it, they are just good!

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