The Fisher Men On the X (Fisher Men Book III) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey – Review by Katie Matthews

Fisher Men On the X (Book III)Fisher Men On the X by Rebel Nicks O’Dey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I am absolutely loving this series and have been really looking forward to reading the third instalment and I wasn’t disappointed at all! Becca really was a wonderful character to read about and I loved getting to know her and I’m not sure she was what I was expecting but she definitely surpassed the things I thought about her at the beginning of the story! I loved Zack and the two of them together were just adorable! I loved the connection that they had and it was clear that even an extended period apart didn’t dampen down the genuine connection that was there between them. There was a lot of emotion in the story and I definitely was there right with the characters at times! This definitely was a great addition to the Fisher Men series and one that I highly recommend!

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