Deliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford – Review by Angela Hayes

Deliciously Sinful LiaisonsDeliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford
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3 ½ Stars

Deliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M Mountford is a collection of seven short stories which range from second chances, to friends to lovers, a mafia princess’ adventures, an erotic paranormal/vampire story, a taboo/forbidden story, and tales of temptation.
This is a very quick and easy read and because each ‘book’ in the collection is so short, it’s one you can enjoy when your reading time is limited, because you can pick it up and put it down without feeling like you are left hanging.
The stories are written to be titillating, quick and easy reads. There isn’t a huge amount of depth, or complex character development. I really wish these stories were expanded more, so we got more depth and development to fully ‘explore’ and invest in. I get what the author was trying to achieve- but I like my stories a little more ‘meatier’.

The collection contains:

We follow Jake and Vickey, who have a history. Bumping into each other at a nightclub, things soon heat up. What happens next makes for some sizzling reading.

Just once
Faye and Terry have been friends since they were young children. Faye has feelings for Terry and would love to be more than friends. Little does she realise that Terry feels the same way, but he’s worried about destroying their friendship, AND he has a girlfriend. Faye finally throws caution to the wind, taking matters into her own hands- because just once she wants to know what it would be like to more than just his friend. What happens. You have to read the story to find out.

Valentine Misadventure
Sophie’s a mafia Princess. Her father is the Boss. Luke is her bodyguard. It’s Valentines night. So, what happens when her father’s right hand man shows up. There’s an element of danger to this story. What does their Valentine’s have in store for them? Dive in to find out.

Together in Sydney
Alex and Sarah went to college together- then one day Sarah left without any explanation. Alex now travels to Sydney to visit. A lot of time has passed since she left. What happens in Sydney- will their friendship heat up?

Training Tracey
This story has a bit of a taboo element to it. Tracey is the best friend of the Burton’s daughter and has known them most of her life. She’s spent countless hours at their home, even vacations and outings with them. But she isn’t a little girl anymore. This story explores plenty of M/F, F/F, & M/F/F steamy scenes. Will Tracey enjoy her ‘lessons’?

Blood Lust
Lucian, who is thousands of years old, has awakened and has a thirst he needs to quench. What happens when he meets the lovely Kate? Will she be a quick snack, or will there be much more to come from their encounter? This is a PNR/Vampire story with an erotic pulse.

Sweet Temptations
Richard who is married with a lovely wife and young child- finds himself tempted by his pretty young babysitter. She has a huge crush on him, and is very ‘flirty’- so he is having very lustful thoughts. Will the temptation be too much to resist?

A few of these stories were ‘new to me’- but four of them are ones I’ve read before in previous releases. I wonder what L.M Mountford has in store for us next?

Thank you, L.M Mountford!


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