Deliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford – Review by Karyn Taylor

Deliciously Sinful LiaisonsDeliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deliciously Sinful Liaisons is a collection of 7 hot and steamy short stories by L.M. Mountford. Some of these short stories are also contained in Temptation and Seduction which is another collection of short stories by this author. I had previously read, and enjoyed Temptation and Seduction, so was happy to re-visit those stories that I had read before.
This collection has a bit of everything for the hot and steamy romance lover. This collection contains friends to lovers, taboo/forbidden relationships, BDSM, paranormal romance among others. Each story contains a different alpha male in a variety of different circumstances.
One thing all the stories have in common is hot, steamy, erotic sexual encounters. Some may leave you rather hot under the collar and in need of a fan to cool down.
I’m a total sucker for a friends-to-lovers romance so have to say that Just Once was my favourite story in this collection.
Having had a few tastes of this author’s short stories, I’d love to read a full length novel of theirs. If these short stories are anything to go by, I’m sure it would be pant meltingly hot!

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