Summer Break: A Joe Football Novella by Autumn Sand – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Summer Break: A Joe Football NovellaSummer Break: A Joe Football Novella by Autumn Sand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summer Break: A Joe Football Novella is the first I have ready by Autumn Sand. It definitely had a novella feel to it, as it didn’t go very deep. I felt like it was a little lacking and I wasn’t fully invested in any of the characters. This could be because I haven’t read Joe Football, which sounds like it would give the background. So while this can be a stand alone, its a brief skim of their summer, and wasn’t detailed enough to pull me in. I recommend reading the first book first, to be fully invested. Overall the story was not bad, and I definitely want to know what happens to Wayne and Jana, so I plan to read the next book when it is released. However, as far as Brice and Favor, being the main characters, I wasn’t as interested as I would hope. The bonds between the characters are well written, and the emotions are felt throughout the story. I like the writing style of Sand, and will be reading more. I just need to go back and read the first book to be able to appreciate this one more.

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