Summer Break: A Joe Football Novella by Autumn Sand – Review by Karyn Taylor

Summer Break: A Joe Football NovellaSummer Break: A Joe Football Novella by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summer Break is a novella which is part of the Joe Football series. Although part of this series it can be read as a novella. I have read a lot of Autumn Sand’s work but had not read Brice and Favor’s story, which I now need to remedy, but the author does a great job in filling in any necessary info needed to understand what’s going on.
I really loved this novella. Brice & Favor and the group of friends they are on their break with seem like a great bunch of people with so many stories to be told. I really want to know what’s going to happen with Jana and Wayne. There is definitely a great story to be told and I’m sure Autumn Sand will do a fantastic job.
Every book of her I’ve read has fantastic characters and also storylines that really grasp you and leave you unable to put the book down and this novella was no different. She really does know how to bring great characters to life and give them a damn good story to hook the reader.
I loved this novella and really must go and read Brice and Favor’s story as, judging by the little snippets of their past we are given, it looks like one hell of a story.

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