Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Tracy Manderson

Our Next ChapterOur Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan

5 out of 5 stars
Our next chapter written by Michelle Sullivan is an amazing love story about misunderstanding, love at a young age that lasts a lifetime and new beginnings and secrets. I had so many different emotions reading this book I laughed cried and I was also pissed at what the main characters had to go through, but they were strong and made it. The characters Karalyn and Dex are amazing and well written and I could relate to Karalyn on some level.
They became best friends in elementary school.
They fell in love in high school.
They were soul-mates, with their future planned and nothing to stop them.
Sounds perfect, right?
WRONG…not every love story ends with happily ever after.
She hated Dex the boy who broke her heart but she can’t stop loving him. It’s been 17 years since she’s been home; now she’s back and that boy who she tried to hate for so long is promising her a future again. But Can Karalyn trust Dex again? Is he for real that he didn’t know anything and that he was trying to protect her?
Is it possible to put the past behind them after so many years of pain? Can they begin another love story that never really ended? Or is it better for both of them to finally let go for good and close that chapter in their lives forever?
I know my review is kind of vague but I didn’t want to give any of the secrets away but you really need to read this amazing book….
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