Vampire State by Alexander Charalambides – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

Vampire StateVampire State by Alexander Charalambides
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Vampire State by Alexander Charalambides


Vampire State by Alexander Charalambides was a unique and exciting vampire novel. Rowena’s father returns from war having rescued an important person from the Pale population. This provides them with the opportunity to go from living life as poor to having access to things the rich people do. The only downside is they are on borrowed time and must decide to join the Pale population by receiving “The Gift” or becoming something like slaves or worse. She is pulled into the world of politics by charming Pale Vincenzo in his ploy to find progress and equality. Luka, who is different and unique in his own way, sheds a different light on the issue. She has to make a choice though, to die or not to die.

This book was exciting, creative, and invigorating. I loved this new world the author created and how detailed the scenery was. The characters were also developed well. I loved Rowena and Vincenzo the most. I found Luka fascinating but Vincenzo stole my heart at the start. I definitely recommend this book. It is not a traditional vampire read and I loved the change up it gave me.

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