Jax Marlin – To Catch A Marlin by T.K. Toppin – Review by Kayla Interdonato

Jax Marlin - To Catch A MarlinJax Marlin – To Catch A Marlin by T.K. Toppin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jax Mariln – To Catch a Mariln by TK Toppin is the ultimate blend of sci-fil, mystery, thrill, and romance. Jax Mariin is a vigilante that keeps Special Inspector Michael Pedroni on his toes. The story is based in the future on Earth as well as other worlds beyond. As you read of Jax’s past, the reader can understand why she takes criminal matters into her own hands. Jax is a character I quickly began to fall in love with a strong lead female character. Then the mystery of Jax and Pedroni’s relationship begins to develop. Why is Jax leaving criminals for Pedroni to discover? Why is Pedroni not able to restrain Jax when he had the chance? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story by TK Toppin and look forward to reading others by her.

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