Naughty & Nice (Spicetopia #4) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Erin Wolf

Naughty & NiceNaughty & Nice by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Naughty & Nice (Spicetopia Book 4) by Phoebe Alexander, 5 stars.

This is the latest in a great series, and the author has hit it out of the park yet again! Each couple has been different in each book, but I was never expecting Micah!!! That made it even better. Natalie and Micah are exceptional and the characters you loved from previous books are back too! You don’t have to read the previous books first, but I highly recommend it since they are each so good and you will learn the whole story. That being said, I love how the author has yet again added in the bullet points in the story leading up to this book. It’s a nice reminder for those forgetful like myself or those new to the series.

The story itself is so fun. Besides the attraction between the two main characters, there is also a wedding about to happen and chaos that ensues from that. There are so many feelings in this book.

For those who like their romance hot, heavy, and a little different, this book is for you. It relvoves among an adult amusement park, need I say more?

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