Running In Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Running In Snow, A Holiday NovellaRunning In Snow, A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

2 short novellas by Renee Regent will leave you with a smile on your face. Both of these novellas are sweet happy reads just in times for Christmas that you will love

Noelle has had a rule to never celebrate Christmas since she was a little girl. She never does gift exchanges with friends or coworkers but this year she was invited to her boyfriends family celebration. She feels a bit uncomfortable for a little while until the moment arises and she goes running. To many memories are brought back to the surface and she cannot handle it. Will she make it back to Logan and have a happy ending or was this trip a big mistake. Loved this book. Loved the characters…and you will too!

Eve’s Hope
Last year Eve had a horrible New Year’s Eve so this year she plans on staying home in comfy clothes watching an X-Files marathon. Now she finds herself bundled up in her warmest clothes including a parka because she has no heat and no one is able to come fix it for her. Suddenly, her hot neighbor knocks on the door and invites her over to his house for a little get together. She wants to decline because it is a last minute invite but at least he has working heat.
The last person she expects to see over at Kirks house is a guy she had spent a night with not to long ago. She tries hiding from him but somehow he found her and was harassing her about getting together again. Can this New Year’s Eve get any worse? Sure it can but it can also get a lot better.

2 great reads you will be glad you read. Renee Regent is an amazing author and these novellas are no different from her great writing style.

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