Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books 1 – 4) Spicetopia Series by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Angela Hayes

Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books 1-4)Spicetopia Boxed Set by Phoebe Alexander
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Spicetopia Boxed Set contains books one to four in the Spicetopia series by Phoebe Alexander. The series is set in an “adult” theme park- where things get quite hot and spicy. In true Phoebe Alexander style, these stories sizzle off the pages. And the best part about this is you get all four books in one. No waiting between stories!
This is definitely a series any erotic romance lover won’t want to miss.

The Boxed Set contains:
-Sugar & Spice (Book One)- Cy and Jolie’s story.
-Virtue & Vice (Book Two)- Moon & Katja’s story
-Fire & Ice (Book Three)- Neve and Enya’s story.
-Naughty & Nice (Book Four)- Micah & Natalie’s story.

Sugar & Spice.
Sugar & Spice is the first book in the Spicetopia series by Phoebe Alexander. I really loved this book, it is a little different from her other books- but with the same sexy flare we have come to expect from Ms. Alexander.
Cy is on an undercover mission at his family’s theme park. He has a job to do and there is quite a bit at stake. But he’s thrown off-kilter when he meets the delectable Jolie.
Jolie has a few secrets of her own. She works two jobs trying to make ends meet- taking care of her responsibilities is her number one priority. Sparks fly and the heat rises. But what happens when secrets are revealed? You really need some Sugar & Spice in your life to find out all the delicious details for yourself!
This was such a sublime introduction to the Spicetopia world!

Virtue & Vice.
Virtue & Vice is the second book in the Spicetopia series by Phoebe Alexander. I though the first book was sexy- but this one turns the heat up even more- but still with the wonderful depth and substance Ms. Alexander is known for.
This story picks up from book one- so I would definitely recommend reading the first book, Sugar & Spice, before jumping into this one. Cy and Jolie, from book one, play an important part here- but it is Moon and Katja’s perspectives that really drive this story. Cy’s idea about an ‘adult theme park’ brings these four together, in more ways than one. Plans come together, and their ideas are flowing. They will all need to work together to bring their dreams to life. Add plenty of spice, turn up the heat, sprinkle some emotion, and blend a great storyline into the mix- and we have the recipe for a captivating read.
The story has a few surprises thrown in to keep our interest heightened. As well as having a lot of erotic moments throughout the book- with swinging/ménage, light BDSM, and plenty of ‘adult fun’ to be had- so don’t say I didn’t warn you.
A fantastic story, with great characters- makes this a superb addition to the Spicetopia series!

Fire & Ice.
Fire & Ice is the third instalment in the Spicetopia series by Phoebe Alexander. Fire & Ice is my favourite of the series (so far). I know I say this with every book Phoebe Alexander releases, but I can’t help it, her books just seem to get better and better- as each new book slightly eclipses the one before it.
This is such an engrossing romantic suspense- with an enemies to lovers element to the story, as well as drama, action, mystery, intrigue, humour, spice, passion, BDSM, and erotic fun. The story has a few surprising developments thrown in to hold our interest. This was definitely one book I wasn’t putting down till I’d read every word.
This book follows Neve Romano and Enya Moore. Neve is ex-military and the new head of security at Spicetopia. He is the ‘strong-silent-type. A man of few words. Disciplined and controlled. Holding people at arm’s length, gives him a cold-as-steel facade. This makes him the complete opposite of Enya- a chatty, friendly ‘people-person’, (and at times fiery) redhead, who is perfect as the Director of Public Relations. Her personality grates him and makes him shake his head. She thinks he has a huge chip on his shoulder. They’re oil and water.
With the Grand Opening of Spicetopia fast approaching, someone is hell bent on Sabotaging the whole thing. Neve and Enya are thrown together to try to figure things out and get to the bottom of it all, before it’s too late. And things are about to heat up!!!
Another addictive addition to the Spicetopia series!

Naughty & Nice.
I have just finished reading this book- and WOW! Ms. Alexander out did herself. (Full review will be posted under this individual book title).

So, seriously, what are you waiting for- you need this boxed set in your life!!
Happy Reading!

Thank you, Phoebe Alexander!


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