The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars (Book 2) by C. L. Schneider – Review by Naomi McDonald

Magic-Scars (The Crown of Stones, #2)Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars is the second book in The Crown of Stones series. It picks up two years after the events of book one.

I have to say that I have loved every book I’ve read by this author and this one holds up to the rest of them. The world building is superb. And, while it can slow the story down a bit sometimes, I love the attention to detail. When you are reading this story, you get lost in the adventure and feel like you are living alongside the characters.

This is definitely a page turner. You will find yourself losing sleep just to find out what happens next as the story takes you on an emotional roller coaster full of twists and turns.

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