Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3) by Mya O’Malley – Review by Angelina Frazzini

Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3)Lillie by Mya O’Malley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lillie by Mya O’Malley is book three of the Maggie Trilogy. I recommend reading books one and two before diving into Lillie. You’ll better understand the story and you’ll also get to read two more great books.

Naomi and Bryce are newly married and Naomi feels her life is finally settling down a bit. However, the spirits can’t control when they need her help and they are back again. The time feels different than the others and Naomi can’t quite figure out why but she knows she needs to help this spirit before her world is torn apart. It won’t be easy but Naomi has to do what needs done.

As a reader who doesn’t typically enjoy paranormal, this book (and the whole trilogy) have been really enjoyable to read. The author writes a great story and weaves so much into the story that you are in deep before you realize it. I highly recommend this book!

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