2am Secrets by M. Piper – Review by Erica Fish

2am Secrets2am Secrets by M. Piper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

M. Piper is a new author to me and I jumped into the book without blinders on. There comes a point in people’s lives that no one wants to admit. There is an attraction to your sibling’s best friend. You try to ignore it because you do not want to hurt their relationship, but on the inside you want that person. That is the kind of love 2AM Secrets is about. Sadie and Sam are twins and they promised each other no relationships with the other’s friends. They were off limits. That was until Sadie started to have feelings for Archer (who happens to be Sam’s best friend).Both tried to stay away from each other, but the attraction was strong. Will Sadie and Archer give in to the attraction? Will they be able to keep the secret from Sam? You will have to read this story to find out this information and more.

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