Around Midnight by Zarina Macha – Review by Lisa Helmick

Around MidnightAround Midnight by Zarina Macha
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fully immersed into her teenage life that includes playing her saxophone this privileged girl is ignorant of many of life’s pitfalls. She gets to meet some of those head on and they begin to disrupt her dream. She is lost and unsure but she can’t seem to move forward and forget.

This is easy to read and deals with complex situations. There is the surface of each situation but always look deeper. This is an okay book that I took at face value. Girl, dream, bad boy, regrets and struggles. I just looked at it as a typical section of a young girls/teen book. But upon reading the authors note I am reflecting back and I can look at it a bit differently. So if you give this a go make sure you read that as well.

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