Brutal & Raw: Mafia Romance & Psychological Thriller (Beneventi Family Book 1) by Sonya Jesus – Review by Karyn Taylor

Brutal & Raw (Beneventi Family, #1)Brutal & Raw by Sonya Jesus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brutal & Raw is Book 1 in the Beneventi Series by Sonya Jesus. Jesus is a new author to me and if this book is anything to go by then I’m sure this series is going to be outstanding. I absolutely loved this book. I was instantly gripped from the very beginning and was not let go until the story ended. Even then, I think I was still enmeshed in this fantastically woven tale.
Lyla Vaughn has escaped from the clutches of mafia boos Breaker Beneventi and has no intention of ever being captured by him. So why does he still control all her thoughts? And why can’t she forget how good he made her feel at times?
Breaker Beneventi has recently killed his mafia boss father and has taken over the family. His head is all over the place though and not totally in the game. The one woman who has ever interested him (Lyla, or number 327, as she’s known) has been allowed to escape and he needs her back, to kill her, as she knows far too many of his secrets.
This is a fascinating tale, told from both POV’s as Lyla tries to evade capture by staying at a woman’s refuge and Breaker does everything possible to find her.
The author does a fantastic job of keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering what the hell is going to happen next. I can add that there are a few curveballs thrown that I never saw coming and totally surprised the hell out of me.
I guarantee any reader will love this book if you like a good psychological thriller. I really could not put this book down and eagerly anticipate more of this series.

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