Brutal & Raw: Mafia Romance & Psychological Thriller (Beneventi Family Book 1) by Sonya Jesus – Review by Michelle Austin

Brutal & Raw (Beneventi Family, #1)Brutal & Raw by Sonya Jesus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brutal & Raw was a great very dark 5 star read and book one in the Beneventi Family.
All I can say is this title was perfect for this story, it was brutal and raw and I loved it! I was pulled in right from the beginning.

She was known as 327, they never called them by their names because they didn’t want to humanize them. But there was something about 327 that drew Breaker in, he spent time with her specifically and told her things about the family. Knowing that she was getting too close to him and he was feeling things he shouldn’t Breaker had Butcher do his thing, BUT she got away. She wasn’t supposed to get away and now she knows things that could destroy his family.

Now she’s on the run and afraid he will find her, BUT the name he has isn’t really who she is. Trying to find her is bringing up more questions than answers. The longer it takes to find her the bigger the risk. Who is this woman that has captured his attention? Will Breaker find her before she tells anyone about the family secrets and destroys him?

Overall this is a very dark mafia read that could have big triggers for some. There were some scenes that had me cringing and pushing my boundaries to a new level. I loved hating Breaker but there was a little part of me that felt for the man. He is as dangerous as they come and doesn’t hesitate to show who the boss is. 327 has seen something in Breaker as well, something that was good and called to her. The secondary characters were great. There are several shocking twists and turns. If you like dark reads than this is a MUST READ for you, it’s hard to find authors that are willing to really push the boundaries and Sonya Jesus is one of them. I can’t wait to read more from this author and series.

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