FLOWERS IN DECEMBER TRILOGY: Flowers in December, Coming Home, Second Chance by Jane Suen – Review by Debi Kircher

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FLOWERS IN DECEMBER TRILOGY: Flowers in December, Coming Home, Second Chance by Jane Suen

5 +++++++ Stars

This series is an absolute MUST READ..Jane Suen is a master storyteller who quickly became one of my favorite authors. I think I’ve read every single book she has out and will add to that as she does.

Flowers in December Book 1 –
I was able to feel every single feeling that Connor was feeling in this book. I lost my Mom just a few years ago and it changed my life. This story was as real as it gets, there was no added drama and major twists and turns, I did kind of feel like I knew what was going to happen but it was more like it was what I was hoping would happen, and I’ve let my imagination take over the rest.

Coming Home Book 2 –
I loved Flowers in December and at the end knew I needed more because something was happening and being implied and then it was done and my imagination took it from there. Many Thanks to Jane Suen for seeing this, and knowing that her readers needed more and then delivering.

So much was going on in this very short story but you never feel like anything was crammed in or get confused…She touched on many emotions and feelings and I’m just not going to give anything away so you will have to pick this story up, but please don’t start here, you must read Flowers in December first, this is where you will really get to know Connor Norton, and Tom.

Second Chance Book 3 –
Many many thank yous to this author for giving us this book. I loved the first 2 but was a bit sad with the end of the 2nd. I had no idea this one was coming and I was so happy when I saw it. This had to be one of the best book 3’s of a trilogy yet, I’m thinking because I wanted it so much!

I was a bit concerned with going back in time here and there through memories but found that it gave me a better understanding of who Mary Ann was. I loved the small town and this whole story felt so real, along with all the other feels you get from reading this last book in what is a wonderful series. I can’t wait to read it again back to back now that I have all three. 🙂

The one thing you dont do when you read any of this authors books is go in thinking you know how everything is going to go because she will show you the meaning of what a twist and a turn means and have you sitting there at the end going ..What just happened? She shows you that a twist doesn’t have to be explosive or a throw your kindle moment, she does it in a slow crawl where you have no idea it’s even happening.

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