FLOWERS IN DECEMBER TRILOGY: Flowers in December, Coming Home, Second Chance by Jane Suen – Review by Sheri Schrader

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Flowers in December Trilogy by Jane Suen contains the books Flowers in December, Coming Home, and Second Chance. This is a wonderful series and it is great to get it all in one set together. Flowers in December by Jane Suen is an honest, heartfelt story. Connor returns home after the death of his mother to get everything in order. He starts contemplating his life and the decisions he has made in his life. This hit home for me since I have lost a parent. There are a lot of steps that come with the loss of a close family member. As we age many of us question our decisions and where we are in life and this beautiful book caught all of that. I laughed and I teared up while reading. This book ran me through a range of emotions because of being honest and truthful.
Coming Home by Jane Suen is the sequel to Flowers in December. The story picks up with Connor returning to his childhood home for the holidays after the passing of his mother. I recommend reading the first book because it goes into the background and the characters before delving into this story. This is an emotional read and proves it is good to return home sometimes. Connor is great and I like that he is dealing with loss but also moving on with his life. Mary Ann, Dottie, and Alana are great also. I really like the story and that there were some twists to break away from the expected. The book is a quick read and relatively short but impactful.
Second Chance by Jane Suen is the third and final book in The Flowers in December Trilogy. This can be read as a standalone but I think it better enjoyed if read with the other two books. Connor and Mary Ann had parted ways but Connor is back in town. Will Mary Ann allow Connor back into her life. This is happily ever after but the two have to go over some obstacles to get there. This is a sweet small-town romance that will have you rooting for the couple to find their path together. I enjoyed the characters and the progression of their story over the course of the series.

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