How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1) by N.D. Jackson

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How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1) by N.D. Jackson

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Page Count – 221 pages

Cover Designer –   Hart Covers

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She was untouchable

Gorgeous. Bubbly. Kind.

And for one night, Kayla had been his.

One gloriously clumsy but heat filled night, she’d been his

To do whatever he pleased. Whatever pleased her.

And then in a flash, it was over.

Next came caps, gowns and graduation

Goodbye, forever.

And just when Dan had given up hope that he would ever seen her again,

He found her.

Two doors away.


He was the adorable geek with the magnificent eyes

Smart as hell. Shy. Quiet.

Four years of barely noticing her and then one night, Dan was hers

He was nervous, adorable really

And so curious sometimes a shiver stole through her just thinking about his gentle touch that night

But it was just one night, as far as he knows.

As for Kayla, she knows exactly where she was when her life changed forever

And it was her secret to keep until Dan showed up in Plentiful

And blew her life to pieces


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N.D. Jackson spends her days wandering the streets of whatever European city she and her husband are visiting, creating new characters and new lives for her novels, and she spends her nights cooking yummy vegan food and whipping up cocktails for loved ones. Though a native Chicagoan she now lives in Romania and longs for the days she could fill her passport with stamps from Germany, Amsterdam, France, Austria and all the other places she’s been.

Since she picked up her first book at the age of 7, not a day goes by she doesn’t read a page or chapter. Or finish a whole book. Her first novel, Conflict of Interest was published in 2014 at the ripe old age of she’s not telling and she had been entertaining readers with tales of love and romance ever since.

When she isn’t reading or writing, N.D. can be found indulging in her love of all things true crime, perfecting new vegan cuisine and seeing with the world with her bearded husband!

She lives for Foo Fighters, 90’s grunge, curry, Nina Simone & Adele, politics traveling, all things French, any Asian noodle dish you sit in front of her and…cocktails.





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