Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler – Review by Debi Kircher

Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1)Hazed by Brittany Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler

5 Stars

Ok so I have been officially Hazed…This is my first Brittany Butler book and all I can ask myself is Why? I loved this story, parts were not easy to read but that is because they were written in a way that made them feel so so real. I could feel the emotions these characters were feeling, I swear I could. The struggles that plague Hayze and his constant battle to prove he will fix them felt very real and I found myself falling hard for him and wanting so bad to help…Then on the other side I also felt every emotion that Taylor was experiencing and agreeing with her as far as wondering if things would ever be different..This one had me all messed up and then it ended and here i sit wanting…no…needing more…

I loved every word in this book, I adored the characters, even the ones that angered me but they were written so well… The family aspect angered me many times and my heart was totally with Taylor and how she was brought up.

Im totally rambling here…I can only say Read this book…it was written beautifully and I MUST have the next in this series as soon as possible. I also much go look at what I’ve missed by not reading this author much earlier.

Loved it!!

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