In Other Words (Boothbay Harbor Series Book 1) by Pamela Q. Fernandes – Review by Anantha Rusum

In Other Words (Boothbay Harbor Series, #1)In Other Words by Pamela Q. Fernandes
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In Other words, is a sweet romance book by Pamela Fernandez. Trish Holt, a pianist is dealing with the demons of her past. Being from a Korean origin and adopted by Irish parents, she was subject to neglect and partial treatment since childhood. Her recent breakup from her three-year-old relationship puts her self-esteem to all time low. She feels unwanted and neglected by everyone around her. Her only solace is her music and singing to the tunes on her piano. When she moves to a new home in a quaint picturesque town of Maine, she finds herself falling in love with her neighbor, Michael Quentin, who is the local chef and a successful businessman. Michael also has had a wounded childhood and struggles with his own issues. The two try to find comfort with each other, but the blockages from the past keep surfacing between them repeatedly, making their relationship rocky and uncertain.

If and how they overcome these blockages form the crux of this sweet story. The plot by itself is a typical romance story, but I loved the way the author brought about the tender emotions of her main leads, right from their childhood. The effect of a bad childhood on a person and the impact it has in shaping his/her life is very subtly brought out. When parents either adopt or give birth to a child, they need to take care of the tender emotions of the little one on whom they have staked their claim upon. Any rash decision made by a parent impacts the child heavily, and that is something most adults do not understand. The story brilliantly portrays the struggle which both Trish and Michael go through, it makes them more conscious of their choices and they become responsible adults. They both have successful careers and appear to be well rounded individuals. But somewhere deep within, they are so insecure and unsure about themselves, that it sabotages them within, the closest bonds which they value and treasure are put through peril.

Very nicely written, the book is a fast paced breezy read. I sure will pick up more from this author.

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