Caught in Cross Seas (The Caught Series book 1) by Sharleen Scott – Review by Jenni Bishop

Caught in Cross SeasCaught in Cross Seas by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caught in Cross Seas (The Caught Series book 1) by Sharleen Scott​ is well written and wonderfully developed characters that you become fully invested in. There is a lot happening in this book and the multi faceted plots are carefully woven to bring this story together and to make it engrossing and intriguing and one that draws you in. The mystery and drama, subtle clues and manipulation, suspense and action doesn’t leave us wanting. The easy flow of the story keeps you hooked. The emotions the story evoke run rampant as you try to piece it all together.

Harlie is the sweetest woman in town. Everybody loves her and she would give you anything just to make sure you are ok.

Clay has followed the clues and finds himself in yet another town looking for a ghost. What he finds is more than he can cope with. What he finds is lies and deceit. What he finds is more than he thought he needed. But what he needs is something he left behind. I really enjoyed this story and can not wait to read book 2.

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