Joined: Book One by Mara Gan – Review by Tausha Treadway

Joined (Joined #1)Joined by Mara Gan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joined: Book One by Mara Gan. This is the story of Princess Andromeda aka Meda who is next in line to rule the Galaxy so she is taken from her family and given to others to raise. Meda is also a empath and telepathic and only wants to read her books, play sports and help people. Only sometimes people don’t want her help or even know they need her help. Being able to sense peoples emotions and thoughts even sometimes before they do can be a hard life. It can drive a person crazy but she keeps thinking it will all be worth it when she helps them. Being the next in line to rule the Galaxy is stressful in itself because she is the only diplomat most planets will listen to and she’s also the one people want to kill. She is given a bodyguard named Perseus and they drive each other crazy. They argue about every little thing but there is also chemistry. The stolen kisses are kisses out of this world, literally! Will Meda and Perseus have a relationship more than bodyguard/ruler or will his jerky behavior keep Meda away. Will Meda save all the Galaxies or will her enemies win? Read Joined to find out!

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