Something About Aimee (Girls from the Street Book 1) by S.E. Smith – Review by M Policicchio

Something About Aimee (Girls from the Street Book 1)Something About Aimee by S.E. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG!!! If you haven’t read this book, my question is why. This book has everything, action, humor, drama, twists, romance, steam, turns and did I mention drama?? What a series opener!!!!

From the first chapter to the last, this book had me hooked. I almost threw my phone a couple of times when I couldn’t believe what was happening but I was calmed back down by a twist or something.

Aimee’s entire life has been on the street. She knows the ins, the outs, the highways, the byways, the no gos, and everything in between. She had to learn them to survive. Aimee has a small collection of the most interesting friends. She never knows when she will need one for something. One night when she is making a final delivery for the courier service she works for, she saves the life of a very important man, except she has no idea who he is.

He is Sheik Qadir Saif-Ad-Din, the heir to the throne of Jawahir. Qadir is instantly memorized by this tiny creature that shows more street smarts than his highly trained guards. Qadir knows that Aimee isn’t one that can be caged or is interested in the trappings of his title. Aimee is wild and free, like the desert wind. As the danger mounts around Qadir, Aimee must make some life shattering choices. But when Qadir is captured and being held hostage, will Aimee risk everything to help him?

This book was fantastic. I can’t wait for the next in the series. Idella is more than she appears to be?? Yep, I am hooked. I didn’t need another series but I am not letting this one go!!

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