Mountains Series Boxed Set:(Books 1-3) By Phoebe Alexander – Review by Liz Vrchota

Mountains Series Boxed Set: (Books 1-3)Mountains Series Boxed Set: by Phoebe Alexander
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I have absolutely loved reading the Mountains series from Phoebe Alexander. These books ring home for me and I absolutely love reading about alternative lifestyles in a healthy and accurate way. I have included my reviews for each separate book below. I love how this is conveniently in a box set to be enjoyed and gifted now! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next ones in the series!

Mountains Wanted: Book #1~

I sincerely can not say enough good things about Phoebe Alexander’s novels and the way she manages to take a taboo or unfamiliar subject and spin it into the beautiful love stories that she pens. Mountains Wanted is a perfect example of that and a series that I have come to love a lot! These new covers make you want to read the book just from them alone too. In Mountains Wanted we get the story of Dr. Sarah Lynde, a single mum of two and a professor. We also get a glimpse of her polyamory way of life that she lives with her beaus that come into play, James McAllister and others that will come into the picture as well.

I adored how this was so real and raw. I personally live a poly lifestyle so for me this book was such a close hit home. Communication is something that we are always working on, 24/7/365 it is very necessary part of the polyamorous life. You get that from reading Sara’s story and can see how things work a lot like they would in a traditional or mainstream relationship, just multiplied by the amount of people that you find your soul connected to.

One note I want to make is that this book is the beginning of a fabulous series and this story will not wrap up in Mountains Wanted. You will want to read the next book and the next I can promise you that but just a heads up because I know some like to start series all together. I can’t wait to dive in deeper in the next book, Mountains Climbed!

Mountains Climbed: Book #2 ~

I can’t believe that I am about to say this but the Mountains series from Phoebe Alexander is quickly becoming my favorite of hers. That is super hard for me to say because I adored her Eastern Shore Swingers series so much it became a regular read in my life.

With the Mountains series we get to see more of the hot and emotional romance that we have come to expect and love from Alexander. I absolutely adore that she takes an unconventional lifestyle and makes it seem so well, conventional. The emotions and the life changes that happen to the characters become extremely deep and embedded in your soul as you read. I walked away from this book feeling as if Sarah was very real and a much loved person I wish I could meet. The supporting characters get more of a voice in this book, especially James and boy do I love that man. So much emotions got brought to the surface and I can’t wait to see what will come next in the third book!

Mountains Loved: Book #3~

I have to say I am so freaking grateful for the realistic and accurate as well as detailed alternative lifestyle stories we get from Phoebe Alexander. She will always bring the sass, drama, and realness with her novels and I have never been more grateful to see some literature that I personally can relate to on a personal level like I do with her novels. This book did all of these things and more, keeping me on the edge of my seat to find out which fork in the road our characters will take and the consequences that come with those choices.

Mountains Loved in the third book in her Mountains series and so far now my new favorite, which is hard for me to say since I adored the second book too! DO NOT read these books out of order! I sincerely feel like you would be missing so much that makes these storylines flow if you did so. The story progresses and follows through each consecutive book. The story will provoke feelings in you that you didn’t know you had the capacity to feel for someone who is ‘made up.’ I found myself both chuckling and tearing up at many points and I just love a book that makes me want to crawl into my bed deeper and get lost in the world I am reading about. The Mountains series will take you there far away to the mountains where you will fall in love all over again. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next books!

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