Black Blade (Black Blade Book 1) by Alexander Charalambides

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Black Blade (Black Blade Book 1) by Alexander Charalambides
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Page Count – 229 pages
Cover Designer – Mina Chara
Publishing Company –
When Fate Calls, Should You Answer?
What starts as a sudden field trip to the UK turns sinister when friends and fellow students Lance and Megan are attacked by a mysterious, inhuman figure.
Suddenly entrusted with a sword by a disembodied hand, and fantastical responsibilities by three rambling figures that claim to be wizards, Lance and Megan have a choice to make as they race through the foggy London streets. Caught in a war between magical families, Lance faces the ultimate question: does he rule the sword, or does the sword rule him?
Reviewers describe Black Blade as ‘an eminently well-written and intricately plotted read that will entertain you for hours.’


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Born in the UK near London, Alexander now lives in New Hampshire with two high-maintenance dogs and a very, very tough houseplant. His novels cover a spectrum of genres and ideas, usually focusing on the struggles of politically alienated young people.





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