How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1) by N.D. Jackson – Review by Faith Jackson

How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1)How Could I Forget by N.D. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book reminds me of one of those Lifetime or Hallmark movie storylines and I’m a cornball, I love it! Kayla is gorgeous, lively, kind and untouchable. She and Dan spent one night together. A night filled with heat and passion to fill one another’s pleasures. Just as quick as started, it was over. After graduation, they’d said goodbye forever (or so they thought) until he found her AGAIN two houses down but 4 years later.
Dan was the cute nerd with gorgeous eyes. Intelligent, reserved, and soft-spoken. Kayla was just as taken with him as he was about her. As cautious as he was, it made her see him in a different light completely. Even though it was one night, their bodies hungered for one another. Their lives changed forever in one night until Dan showed back up where their lives would change forever.
This book is beautifully written and you can’t help but fall for the characters. You find yourself wanting for the characters to confide their inner desires and wind up together. This gives hope to love you pray they share together. Great read!

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