Life’s a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes Nocturnes Book 3) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Kerry Carr

Life's a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes, #3)Life’s a Witch by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. It has a great mix of romance and paranormal.

Crimson is a witch but not a very good one. Every spell she does backfires badly. For this reason she is put before the witches coven who want to bind her powers and make her human.
But Crimson challenges the high witch to a challenge of power and skill. Big mistake as Crimson knows her powers are no match.

Mike is a demon living on earth. He still works for Satan collecting souls to make his monthly payments. When he meets Crimson there is an immediate attraction but wrongly choosen words by Crimson sees them sealing a deal for Satan to have her soul in return for her defeating her challenger.

So we go on an adventure trying to save Crimson’s soul and keeping the burning love between Crimson and Mike alive.

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