Midnight in the House of Lang by Bree M.Lewandowski – Review by Kerry Carr

Midnight in the House of LangMidnight in the House of Lang by Bree M. Lewandowski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow what a beautiful and emotional story.

Thea and her brother Arthur are forced to leave their palace in Austria after the enemy attacks. They leave behind their grandad who is emporar.

Thea and her brother travel as refugees to escape the war and take shelter in a hotel.

While there they get some devastating news and Thea falls in love with a Captain. However things are all plain sailing when to save her Captain Irek is forced to send her and Arthur to live with his mother. With his ring on her finger she goes.
Will she get the love of her life back or will the war take another person she loves and leave her heartbroken again.

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