Read Between The Lines (Freshwater Book 1) by Belinda Williams – Review by Robin Rankin

Read Between The Lines (Freshwater, #1)Read Between The Lines by Belinda Williams
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Read Between The Lines (Freshwater Book 1) by Belinda Williams

Kat is a woman with a successful career and is a local celebrity in her hometown. She’s satisfied with her life, or so she thinks. She meets Matt in the most interesting way and life gets more interesting from there.

Matt is Super Doc and shows that to us several times. He is smart, confident, humble and vulnerable which made me fall for him. I loved that he isn’t the typical perfect, flawless book boyfriend.

My big question is how did I not know about this author before I stumbled on this book? I have no idea how that happened but now that I have found her I’m going to get caught up with everything she has released so far and I will be keeping up with this series.

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