Forgotten Promise Book two: The Forgotten Trilogy by Virginia Wine

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Forgotten Promise Book two: The Forgotten Trilogy by Virginia Wine


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Genre – Romantic Suspense

Page Count – 327 pages

No moment or heartbeat is promised.

The world stopped for one second and I took a breath.

Nathan and Bryer had declared their love,

their hopes and dreams for the future were solidified.

They’d been through many hurdles and conquered them all.

Until the past caught up with them, Cash the smooth-taking lawyer from Austin had always won, and this would be no exception. He had one goal, to tear them apart. With no moral compass, he would go to great lengths to have her again. One more chance to love Bryer.

But Nathan didn’t give up easily, and if it was a fight Cash wanted, a fight he’d get. Nathan knew nothing would break their love; he was certain of it.

But when Bryer was put to the test she had to choose, the past or the future.

And that path was unclear.

Ultimately, would she stand by the man she loved today, or the love from her past?

Which man would hold her heart?


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    My love for books all began as a book-blogger, dedicating my time and passion to talented authors, assisting and reviewing the world’s top writers.


  A voracious reader myself, and my insatiable appreciation for the book world. I soon discovered my own passion for writing, and knack for storytelling. Writing what I loved to read, the romantic suspense genre was a perfect fit. Dreaming of new ways to tug on my readers heart strings, and creating scorching hot love scenes fed the thrill for inventing new stories.

  I had only just begun, and came out of the gate with a blast, delivering an Amazon best-selling Author status with my first book, in 2015, then again with my second series.

 Check out my Forgotten Trilogy (two versions: Hot and Steamy or Sweet and Sensual.)

 And the Surviving Series, a five-book continuing story.

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