Satan’s Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5 (Satans Devils MC Series) by Manda Mellett – Review by Michelle Austin

Satan's Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5Satan’s Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5 by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Satan’s Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5 by Manda Mellett is a great 5 star read.
To get all five of these stories in one book is great, you can finish and move right on to the next one. The author does a great job of pulling you in with her writing. We get so many different topics that all of these bikers face, my emotions were all over the place.

Turning Wheels: This is Sophie and Wraith’s story. Sophie is having a hard time accepting that she is in a wheelchair and feels really down. When Wraith show’s up at her house to protect her from the man that put her in the wheelchair. The more time they spend together the closer they get. We do get some steamy scenes as well.

Drummer’s Beat: This is Sam and Drummer’s story. Drummer tries to fight his attraction to Sam. When Sam ends up being taken by a sex trafficking group, Drummer is determined to find her. Will he finally give in to his feelings?

Slick Running: This is Ella and Slick’s story. I will warn you that there are some dark scenes with this story. Ella ends up leaving, when she contacts the club Slick is standoffish at first. When the truth comes out on why Ella left he is determined to get her back. My emotions were all over the place with this one for sure.

Targeting Dart: This is Dart and Alex’s story. Dart isn’t one for commitments, he keeps women at arms length. However, there is something different about Alex. When Alex’s ex shows up things get even more interesting.

Heart Broken: This is Hearts story and the title fits. I was a wreck reading this story. Heart is recovering from the loss of his wife. When he gets a call from a policy officer things take a twist. Can a biker and a police officer be together?

This is a must read series.If you like MC books this series is for you. I highly suggest 1-clicking and getting started today.

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