Forgotten Chance: Book Three (The Forgotten Trilogy) by Virginia Wine – Review by Angela Hayes

Forgotten Chance: Book Three (Forgotten Trilogy)Forgotten Chance: Book Three by Virginia Wine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Forgotten Chance is the third book in the Forgotten Trilogy by Virginia Wine. As this is a continuation of Bryer and Nathan’s story from the first two books I highly recommend reading them before setting off with this one.
With their wedding approaching, Nathan and Bryer could be forgiven for thinking the worst was behind them. But trouble has a way of catching up with them and once more the past rears its head and causes trouble between the lovers. How much can one couple bear before they crumble. Yet again their relationship will be tested, but this time might be one too many and may finally break them!
This is definitely the best of the three books. Ms. Wine left the best for last. But that Cash is like a bad rash that just won’t go away. He’s a real piece of work!!! I was satisfied with how everything turned out in the end.
Intriguing reading!

Thank you, Virginia Wine!


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