Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman

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Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman

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Genre – Middle Grade contemporary mystery

Page Count – 198 pages

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51831033-swallowed-by-a-secret

One dead father.

One lying mother.

After twelve-year-old Rocky overhears Mom admit her story about how his dad died is bogus, his trust in his one remaining parent unravels. The For-Sale sign appears on the front lawn right after the funeral, forcing Rocky to leave the house linked to so many memories of his dad.

Consumed by the secret and struggling to adjust to changing schools mid-year, Rocky is startled by a familiar voice. Dashing into a restroom stall to hide, the voice of his father tells him that the only way to learn the truth is to return to his old town.

Can you take advice from a dead person?

Rocky finds a real partner in a new friend, Olive, who offers to be his assistant sleuth and help him crack the secret and get his life on track. The pair’s schemes go bust, but they embolden Rocky to embark on a journey of risks, eavesdropping and snooping to discover the truth about the father he thought he knew.


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Born in Boston with the accent to prove it, Risa lived within ten miles of the city for decades until a recent move to the neighboring Ocean State.


For many years, Risa worked in a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting active participation in our democracy, with a special focus on voting and elections.


Risa’s deep dive into creative writing started with finding three pennies in a neat stack in a completely empty apartment that belonged to her mother. It’s a long story. 


When not writing, Risa is reading, exercising or doing therapeutic ironing – unless the grandchildren are around.





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