The Abduction of Sarah Tarbell: As Her Soul Remembers by Stuart Ledwith

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The Abduction of Sarah Tarbell: As Her Soul Remembers by Stuart Ledwith


Welcome to the life of Sarah Tarbell, a 14 year old young woman growing up in a Puritan family in the colony of Massachusetts. Follow Sarah through her surprise abduction by Mohawk Indians, her five day, grueling trek to Lachine, Quebec, near present day Montreal, Canada. Sarah was captured along with two of her younger brothers who were adopted by Mohawk families with whom they remained. Sarah eventually fell in love with her captor, learned the language, was sold by him to a wealthy French family who in turn took her to live with the nuns of Lachine. Eventually Sarah became the healer for the Mohawks of Lachine, and for many local trappers, soldiers and fishermen until surgeons arrived from France. Once her captor and lover died Sarah professed her vows and became a nun. Hers was a life of powerful opposites, demanding the very fibers of her being to stay alert and aware of her surroundings at all times. Her soul gladly shared her story, at times tearfully, and at others joyfully. She hopes you enjoy the journey.


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Dr. Stu Ledwith has always enjoyed speaking with souls desiring to make themselves known. He finds it quite normal to converse with them as he would a human. And when writing with them he writes what they say, describes the pictures and emotions he’s shown. He has written for souls such as Bita Mira, the soul who lived in the human Mary Magdalen, Edouard, the soul who lived here as John the Baptist and here Sarah, the soul who lived as my distant cousin Sarah Tarbell. These books were subtitled “As His/Her Soul Remembers”.



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