The Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love Story by Kate McGahan

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The Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love Story by Kate McGahan


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Page Count – 335 pages


There are two sides to a border. In this story one side is American, one side is Mexican. There are two sides to the desert. Sarah sees it as a heaven, Benito sees it as a hell. She is a budding attorney from New York; he is a photojournalist fleeing the Mexican drug cartel. Destiny brings the two together in the Mexico-Arizona borderlands of the Sonoran Desert.

Follow the romance of soulmates Sarah and Benito as they learn from their striking similarities and discover their diverse cultural differences. Witness the humble Mexican woman who inspires change in a Vietnam veteran vigilante through the power of unconditional love. Listen to the retired Jewish professor from New York who moves to a western ranch and creatively helps the underprivileged in Nogales, south of the border wall. Through a series of synchronistic events, the paths and stories of these people intersect and destiny rules the direction that their lives take.

After 9-11 things changed dramatically at the border. This story is historic fiction, covering the simpler times before the border wall became such an issue and brings us forward into the present day. The people in this inspirational story live on the edge of a political, manmade borderline. A line that crosses through cities and homelands. A line that divides those who are prejudiced from one another but also a line that divides those who love. We discover that a border wall is just one kind of wall. There are political walls of injustice, emotional walls of defensiveness and social walls of discrimination. Join us as we watch the walls come tumbling down when one prioritizes the power of love, compassion and acceptance. We may not be able to open our borders, but we can open our minds and hearts. Let “The Walls Between Us” open yours! Based on a true story.


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 Kate McGahan has been a hospice grief counselor and clinical social worker for 35 years. The first Jack McAfghan book was released in 2015 and there are more books and genres forthcoming. Kate brings stories to her readers in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. When you learn something new you grow, when you grow you heal. It’s By Design. She writes each and every book to heal something in the reader. 

Intensely spiritual, Kate sprinkles subtle seeds of faith to strengthen the reader’s personal spiritual path. While you think she is just entertaining you, she is also planting seeds and teaching you new ways of looking at yourself and those you love. Kate’s books will change the way you think. You will never look at life or death or love the same way again.

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