Wrapped Up In You by Erin Bevan – Review by Carrie Reed

Wrapped Up In YouWrapped Up In You by Erin Bevan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars!

Perfect! I love Christmas! This story was wonderful, it had drama, romance, and all things Christmas. The characters were all well developed and the story flowed nicely. I really loved the names for the characters such as, Happy Flake, Tinsel, Freckles, PeeWee and many others, it really brought the image of Christmas to life. I really admire Jenny for doing what she thought was best for her family even though it wasn’t what she really wanted. The fact that when she meets Logan after his plane crashes at the north pole and it makes her feel sparks of course cements in all our minds that they belong together, I was very worried throughout the whole book that the life that he couldn’t remember would ruin any future he and Jenny would have together. Benign, one of the suitors for Jenny’s hand and a prospective King or new Mr. Claus seems shady through the whole book, but when he makes the decision to share some news with Logan that could change his life, I saw him in a different light. He really is a good man, who is mourning his lost love. The ending was beautiful, sweet and surprising, because I had forgotten all about the wishing tree that Jenny shared with Logan earlier in the book. I would highly recommend this book to any Christmas lover and any romance lover.

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