A Duke Never Forgets (The Duke Hunters Club Book 3) by Bianca Blythe – Review by Jennifer Gordon

A Duke Never Forgets (The Duke Hunters Club, #3)A Duke Never Forgets by Bianca Blythe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful historical romance, which is book three in Bianca Blythe’s, ‘The Duke Hunters Club’ series. I happily read it as a standalone story, however the characters had been introduced in a previous book and how they met was referred to in this book, but enough backstory was given to enjoy this novel. The storyline had a bit of an enemies to lovers feel to it with a historical twist. Genevieve and her family have rented a cottage in Cornwall as due to her fathers financial difficulties they had to leave there home in the Lake District. Meanwhile, Sebastian, the Duke of Sandridge, turns up for a much needed holiday at his cottage in Cornwall to find that not only has it been rented but to a woman, Genevieve who he despises. Genevieve is determined that the grumpy Duke will not take her families cottage away from them. Genevieve and her mother spot an opportunity when Genevieve rescues Sebastian following a swimming accident and when he wakes up with amnesia, Genevieve’s mother announces that Genevieve and Sebastian are actually married. The only problem is what will happen once the Duke regains his memory, no spoilers, I recommend you read this fun and enjoyable book.
The authors wonderful descriptions of the Cornwall coast are so detailed that I felt I was actually there with Genevieve and Sebastian, I was fully immersed in their story. The main characters are very likeable and realistic and I loved the banter between Genevieve and Sebastian. Genevieve’s mother was also a lovely character. The storyline flowed nicely with a great narrative and enough drama to keep me hooked until the last page. I am keen to read the two previous books in this series now.

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