Flicker to Fire (Crimson Sash Book 3) by Amanda Marin – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Flicker to Fire (Crimson Sash, #3)Flicker to Fire by Amanda Marin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Flicker to Fire, is book three in Amanda Marin’s ‘Crimson Sash’ series. It continues the story of Neve Hall and Micah Ward which began in the first book, ‘North to Nara’ and continued in ‘Sky to Sea’.This is a Young Adult dystopian fantasy series set in a dystopian world with two waring factions the ‘New Republic’ and the ‘Nation’. The couple find themselves in Kébec Village, the refugee centre, and as Sans Murs operatives they begin documenting all of the the Nation’s human rights violation cases as the escapees who arrive at the centre tell them of their stories. However the border wall separating the two factions is crumbling and with it the safety it provides. Meanwhile Isla Pryce’s mission to purge the Nation of Sufferers is just getting started and as Micah has been unfaithful to his vows he is at risk from the vicious Inquisition Board. When mysterious Blythe Thatcher enters the village having been on the run from Pryce, Neve believes she can help Sans Murs further its cause, and help rid the Nation of its awful Suffering system. Once the Nation uncovers their plan, however, the warring factions struggle which started as a flicker quickly turns to fire. Neve and Micah are the only ones who can extinguish the flame but it will be dangerous. No spoilers, I recommend you read the book and the two previous novels in this series.
This is a well written book with a solid storyline, great characters and it moves along at a fast pace. I was gripped from page one and found myself totally immersed in the dystopian world Marin has created, thanks to her amazing world building. Neve and Micah are a great couple who ultimately just want to be together and live in a safe place peacefully. I found the couple likeable, realistic and with a ‘normal’ relationship amidst this dystopian world. I was cheering them on throughout the book and I really cared about their outcome. Blythe was a fascinating new character. Marin has a way of writing and describing the characters that makes you as the reader really get to know them and care for them.

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